Interacting with Jenkins

Jenkins will test pull requests from recognized authors. If the pull request is not from a recognized author, an admin needs to tell Jenkins to perform the tests, after giving the patch a manual look over to prevent shenanigans. A number of tests are performed, ranging from verifying correct code formatting and that the author is included in the AUTHORS file to that the code in fact builds and passes tests. A pull request should usually only be merged if all tests return green, although there are exceptions.

To enable testing for this pull request only:

@st-jenkins ok to test

To enable testing for this pull request, and all future pull requests from the same author:

@st-jenkins add to whitelist

For pull requests where Jenkins has already run it’s tests, but should run them again:

@st-jenkins test this please

This is not necessary when new commits are pushed (tests will be rerun for the new commits), but is useful if something has changed server side or to verify that everything is still OK if master has been updated.