ignoreDelete is an advanced folder setting that affects the handling of incoming index updates. When set, incoming updates with the delete flag set are ignored.


This option should normally be set to false. Changing it is not recommended, unless you are a power user and know exactly what you are doing. If you still intend to enable this option, please read the explanation below very thoroughly before doing so.

Example Scenario

Assume two devices, “Alice” and “Bob”, are sharing a folder. Bob has set ignoreDelete to true.

New and updated files are synchronized as usual between Alice and Bob. When Bob deletes a file, it is deleted for Alice as well. When Alice deletes a file, Bob ignores that update and does not delete the file.

In this state, Bob is fully up to date from his own point of view, as is Alice from her own point of view.

However from the point of view of Alice, who deleted a file and propagated the update, Bob is now out of date because he has yet to remove the file that was deleted by Alice.

From the point of view of Bob, who ignored the delete entry from Alice, Alice is now out of date because she is missing the file that was deleted.


Bob may continue to see Alice as up to date until the next time Syncthing is restarted on his device.

Should Bob modify any of the files that Alice has deleted, the update will be sent to Alice and Alice will download the now updated file.


Ignoring deletes in both directions between two devices can be a confusing configuration.