HTTP Utility Services API

These services are available via HTTP on the GUI listen address, but in contrast to the REST API do not require any form of authentication or an API key.

GET /meta.js

Returns a JavaScript snippet defining a metadata variable with information about the serving Syncthing instance. It is meant to be consumed directly from an HTML <script> tag, such as for generating the needed CSRF token header name.

$ curl http://localhost:8384/meta.js
var metadata = {"deviceID":"S7UKX27-GI7ZTXS-GC6RKUA-7AJGZ44-C6NAYEB-HSKTJQK-KJHU2NO-CWV7EQW"};

GET /qr/

Encodes the content given in the text URL parameter into a QR code and returns it as a black-and-white PNG image. Can be used to encode device IDs for quick exchange in a machine-readable optical format.

$ curl http://localhost:8384/qr/?text=Hello%2C%20world%21 | display