Syncthing Infrastructure

This is a list of the infrastructure that powers the Syncthing project. Unless otherwise noted, the default is that it’s a VM hosted by @calmh.


All repos, issue trackers and binary releases are hosted at GitHub.

Main & Documentation Websites

Static HTML, served by Caddy.

Forum Website

Powered by Discourse.

Global Discovery Servers

Runs the stdiscosrv instances that serve global discovery requests. The discovery setup is a load balanced cluster and the members can change without prior notice. As of the time of writing they are all hosted at DigitalOcean.

  • (multiple A and AAAA records, for queries)

  • (multiple A records, for IPv4 announces)

  • (multiple AAAA records, for IPv6 announces)

Relay Pool Server

Runs the strelaypoolsrv daemon to handle dynamic registration and announcement of relays.

Relay Servers

Hosted by friendly people on the internet.

Usage Reporting Server

Runs the ursrv daemon with PostgreSQL and Nginx.

Build Servers

Runs TeamCity and does the core builds.

There are various build agents; Linux, Windows, and Mac. These are currently provided by @calmh or Kastelo.

Signing Server

Signs and uploads the release bundles to GitHub.



The infrastructure is monitored and its status is publicly accessible on the following urls: