The FolderCompletion event is emitted when the local or remote contents for a folder changes. It contains the completion percentage for a given remote device and is emitted once per currently connected remote device.

New in version 1.20.0: Indication whether the remote device has accepted the folder (shares it with us) as well, and whether it is paused. The remoteState field is unknown when the remote device is not connected. Otherwise it can be either paused, notSharing, or valid if the remote is sharing back.

    "id": 84,
    "globalID": 84,
    "type": "FolderCompletion",
    "time": "2022-04-27T14:14:27.043576583+09:00",
    "data": {
        "completion": 100,
        "folder": "default",
        "globalBytes": 17,
        "globalItems": 4,
        "needBytes": 0,
        "needDeletes": 0,
        "needItems": 0,
        "remoteState": "valid",
        "sequence": 12