Event API


Syncthing provides a simple long polling interface for exposing events from the core utility towards a GUI. To receive events, see GET /rest/events.

Event Structure

Each event is represented by an object similar to the following:

    "id": 2,
    "globalID": 3,
    "type": "DeviceConnected",
    "time": "2014-07-13T21:04:33.687836696+02:00",
    "data": {
        "addr": "",

The top level keys id, globalID, time, type and data are always present, though data may be null.


A unique ID for this event on the events API. It always increases by 1: the first event generated has id 1, the next has id 2 etc. If this increases by more than 1, then one or more events have been skipped by the events API.


A global ID for this event, across the events API, the audit log, and any other sources. It may increase by more than 1, but it will always be greater than or equal to the id.


The time the event was generated.


Indicates the type of (i.e. reason for) the event and is one of the event types below.


An object containing optional extra information; the exact structure is determined by the event type.

Event Types