GET /rest/db/completion

Returns the completion percentage (0 to 100) and byte / item counts. Takes optional device and folder parameters:

  • folder specifies the folder ID to calculate completion for. An empty or absent folder parameter means all folders as an aggregate.

  • device specifies the device ID to calculate completion for. An empty or absent device parameter means the local device.

If a device is specified but no folder, completion is calculated for all folders shared with that device.

Example Queries

Completion status for folder abcd-1234 on device I6KAH76-...-3PSROAU:


Aggregated completion status for device I6KAH76-...-3PSROAU (all folders shared with them):


Completion status for folder abcd-1234 on the local device:


Aggregated completion status for all folders on the local device:


Example Response

  "completion": 99.9937565835,
  "globalBytes": 156793013575,
  "needBytes": 9789241,
  "globalItems": 7823,
  "needItems": 412,
  "needDeletes": 0,
  "remoteState": "valid",
  "sequence": 12

Added in version 1.8.0: The ability to aggregate multiple folders by leaving out the folder ID. Querying data for the local device by leaving out the device ID. Returning the globalItems counter in the response.

Added in version 1.20.0: Indication whether the remote device has accepted the folder (shares it with us) as well, and whether it is paused. The remoteState field is meaningless for aggregated responses, unknown when the remote device is not connected. Otherwise it can be either paused, notSharing, or valid if the remote is sharing back.