GET /rest/db/needΒΆ

Takes one mandatory parameter, folder, and returns lists of files which are needed by this device in order for it to become in sync.

The results can be paginated using the common pagination parameters. Pagination happens, across the union of all needed files, that is - across all 3 sections of the response. For example, given the current need state is as follows:

  1. progress has 15 items

  2. queued has 3 items

  3. rest has 12 items

If you issue a query with page=1 and perpage=10, only the progress section in the response will have 10 items. If you issue a request query with page=2 and perpage=10, progress section will have the last 5 items, queued section will have all 3 items, and rest section will have first 2 items. If you issue a query for page=3 and perpage=10, you will only have the last 10 items of the rest section.


Return format changed in version 0.14.43, removing the total count attribute.

  # Files currently being downloaded
  "progress": [
      "flags": "0755",
      "sequence": 6,
      "modified": "2015-04-20T23:06:12+09:00",
      "name": "ls",
      "size": 34640,
      "version": [
  # Files queued to be downloaded next (as per array order)
  "queued": [
  # Files to be downloaded after all queued files will be downloaded.
  # This happens when we start downloading files, and new files get added while we are downloading.
  "rest": [
  "page": 1,
  "perpage": 100


This is an expensive call, increasing CPU and RAM usage on the device. Use sparingly.