GET /rest/system/debugΒΆ

New in version 0.12.0.

Returns the set of debug facilities and which of them are currently enabled.

  "enabled": [
  "facilities": {
    "beacon": "Multicast and broadcast discovery",
    "config": "Configuration loading and saving",
    "connections": "Connection handling",
    "db": "The database layer",
    "dialer": "Dialing connections",
    "discover": "Remote device discovery",
    "events": "Event generation and logging",
    "http": "REST API",
    "main": "Main package",
    "model": "The root hub",
    "protocol": "The BEP protocol",
    "relay": "Relay connection handling",
    "scanner": "File change detection and hashing",
    "stats": "Persistent device and folder statistics",
    "sync": "Mutexes",
    "upgrade": "Binary upgrades",
    "upnp": "UPnP discovery and port mapping",
    "versioner": "File versioning"