Generated upon scan whenever the local disk has discovered an updated file from the previous scan. This does not include events that are discovered and copied from other devices (RemoteChangeDetected), only files that were changed on the local filesystem.


This event is not included in GET /rest/events endpoint without a mask specified, but needs to be selected explicitly.

  "id": 7,
  "globalID": 59,
  "time": "2016-09-26T22:07:10.7189141-04:00",
  "type": "LocalChangeDetected",
  "data": {
    "action": "deleted",
    "folder": "vitwy-zjxqt",
    "folderID": "vitwy-zjxqt",
    "label": "TestSync",
    "path": "test file.rtf",
    "type": "file"

Deprecated since version v1.1.2: The folderID field is a legacy name kept only for compatibility. Use the folder field with identical content instead.