Generated upon scan whenever a file is locally updated due to a remote change. Files that are updated locally produce a LocalChangeDetected event.


This event is not included in GET /rest/events endpoint without a mask specified, but needs to be selected explicitly.

   "time" : "2017-03-06T23:58:21.844739891+01:00",
   "globalID" : 123,
   "data" : {
      "type" : "file",
      "action" : "deleted",
      "folder": "Dokumente",
      "folderID" : "Dokumente",
      "path" : "testfile",
      "label" : "Dokumente",
      "modifiedBy" : "BPDFDTU"
   "type" : "RemoteChangeDetected",
   "id" : 2

Deprecated since version v1.1.2: The folderID field is a legacy name kept only for compatibility. Use the folder field with identical content instead.