New in version 1.14.0.

Emitted when pending folders were added / updated (offered by some device, but not shared to them) or removed (folder ignored, dismissed or added or no longer offered from the remote device). A removed entry without a deviceID attribute means that the folder is no longer pending for any device.

  "id": 101,
  "type": "PendingFoldersChanged",
  "time": "2020-12-22T22:36:55.66744317+01:00",
  "data": {
    "added": [
        "folderID": "GXWxf-3zgnU",
        "folderLabel": "My Pictures"
        "receiveEncrypted": "false"
        "remoteEncrypted": "false"
    "removed": [
        "folderID": "neyfh-sa2nu"
        "folderID": "abcde-fghij"