DELETE /rest/cluster/pending/foldersΒΆ

Added in version 1.18.0.

Remove records about a pending folder announced from a remote device. Valid values for the folder and device parameters are those from the corresponding GET /rest/cluster/pending/folders endpoint. The device parameter is optional and affects announcements of this folder from the given device, or from any device if omitted.

$ curl -X DELETE -H "X-API-Key: abc123" http://localhost:8384/rest/cluster/pending/folders?folder=cpkn4-57ysy&device=P56IOI7-MZJNU2Y-IQGDREY-DM2MGTI-MGL3BXN-PQ6W5BM-TBBZ4TJ-XZWICQ2

Returns status 200 and no content upon success, or status 500 and a plain text error on failure. A PendingFoldersChanged event will be generated in response.

For a more permanent effect, also for future announcements of the same folder ID, the folder should be ignored in the configuration instead.