Debug Endpoints

These endpoints require the gui.debugging configuration option to be enabled and yield an access denied error code otherwise.

GET /rest/debug/peerCompletion

Summarizes the completion percentage for each remote device. Returns an object with device IDs as keys and an integer percentage as values.

GET /rest/debug/httpmetrics

Returns statistics about each served REST API endpoint, to diagnose how much time was spent generating the responses.

GET /rest/debug/cpuprof

Used to capture a profile of what Syncthing is doing on the CPU. See Profiling.

GET /rest/debug/heapprof

Used to capture a profile of what Syncthing is doing with the heap memory. See Profiling.

GET /rest/debug/support

Collects information about the running instance for troubleshooting purposes. Returns a “support bundle” as a zipped archive, which should be sent to the developers after verifying it contains no sensitive personal information. Credentials for the web GUI and the API key are automatically redacted already.

GET /rest/debug/file

Shows diagnostics about a certain file in a shared folder. Takes the folder (folder ID) and file (folder relative path) parameters.

$ curl -H X-API-Key:... "http://localhost:8384/rest/debug/file?folder=default&file=foo/bar"

The returned object contains the same info as GET /rest/db/file, plus a summary of globalVersions.