Added in version 1.22.0.

When enabled, Syncthing attempts to also synchronize filesystem extended attributes between devices.

Extended attributes are recorded and synced on a per-operating system basis. That is, if a file has an extended attribute on one operating system, it will not be synced to another operating system. For example, if a file has an extended attribute on Linux, it will not be synced to macOS. This is because the extended attribute names, values and interpretation is different on different operating systems.

Syncthing will attempt to preserve information about foreign extended attributes when a file is manipulated. That is, if a file is modified on Linux it’s expected that macOS extended attributes will be preserved in the metadata and hence applied again on macOS. This is not always possible - for example if a file is moved on Linux, the macOS extended attributes for that file will be lost.

As of Syncthing 1.22.0 the supported operating systems are Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and NetBSD.


In order for there to be extended attributes to apply, the peer device must have either syncXattrs or sendXattrs enabled.

Elevated permissions

Syncthing, when running as a normal user account, may not have permission to access or manipulate all extended attributes. See syncOwnership for more information of granting appropriate permissions.

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